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eWednesday Chat

Posted on January 31, 2007 by dc

I got a comment from Heidi last week who invited me to a eWednesday chat. I caught up with her to find out more and decided to share it with everyone here. This is a great place to learn and share knowledge with women from all different walks of life and here is more information about eWednesday chat from Heidi…

eWednesday began as a vision.  You know the kind – the vision that will help a lot of people including you! It was started to help women develop their professional skills, learn and/or become more familiar with a very user-friendly technology (web conferencing) and to meet women around the world.  Women just like you – women who work from your home/home office.  Women who sometimes find it challenging to connect with the outside world .Women who want to increase their business and their bottom line.

eWednesday chats are now a reality.  The online conference solution for busy work at home moms and women who don’t have time to leave the office.  eWednesday is the place “WHERE WOMEN CONNECT” – to learn and network. And best of all it’s free to attend! All you need are a computer, internet connection (high speed preferred) and speakers to listen. To participate you can either speak to the other guests (provided you have a microphone) or you can type your message in the conference room text chat.

Want to attend one (or all) of our events? Here’s the upcoming schedule of events:

January 31st 12 Noon Eastern – with Dr. Tammy Lenski – Negotiation Skills for Women in Business

February 7th
12 Noon Eastern – with Rima McDonald and Cynthia Frazier – Virtual Networking to Grow Your Business

February 14th (no meeting)

February 21st – 12 Noon Eastern with Beverly Mahone – Getting the Media to take notice of You and Your Business

February 28th – 4pm Eastern with Suzanne Bates – Enhancing Your Image to Increase Your Bottom Line – Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Skills for SUCCESS in Business and in Life!

March 7th
– 4pm Eastern Time with Catherine Franz – Marketing Your Business When Money is Tight

I invite you to check out www.eWednesdaychat.com for more information and to register.  And if you have a topic you wish to see covered, know of experts that we should be interviewing or have any questions, feel free to drop Heidi a line at heidi@wecai.org.

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  1. skeet

    Oh, I wish I’d stopped in here earlier today! I’d have loved to have been in on the talk focusing on negotiations. Not a strong point for me at all. My work is about half-and-half, office and field work. I’ll pop in for some of these chats when I can.

    Skeet.. thanks for dropping by. Yea… I’ll be popping in for some chats too. Feel free to suggest new topics to Heidi if any. 

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