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It’s the Ultimate Blog Party!

Posted on March 02, 2007 by dc


It’s friday! It’s party time! Let me invite you to The Ultimate Blog Party!

This is going to be huge, fun and exciting and if you haven’t heard about it, the party has just begun so catch the fever and don’t be left out!

This exciting party will take place from 2 – 9 March. All you have to do is be part of it and you will be eligible to win great prizes! Only thing is if you are an international blogger like me (non US or Canadian), then you will only be eligible to win certain prizes 🙁

But the other perks of being part of it is, you get to mingle with other bloggers and meet new friends. I was invited by a fellow blogger who had just undergone a rhinoplasty in Los Angeles and she had sent out more than 50 invitations to this big party.

So what are waiting for? Join in the fun and let’s all party! Don’t forget to mingle.


  1. green3

    Stopping by the party. Looks like you’ve got a great site going here!

    Thanks for stopping by, green3. 

  2. April

    Welcome to the party & nice to meet you! It is hoppin’ around here already! I am so sorry you are not eligible for prizes. I think you will find lots of other fun things to do here too!!

    Thanks for dropping by, April… 

  3. Kathy

    Here for the Party! Glad I found you, I checked out your organic blog too – great stuff!

    Thanks, Kathy. 

  4. Valerie

    Love your site – what a great idea – is a perfect blog destination for me when Im at home working! Thanks for inviting me to your party! I’m going to go link you now 🙂


    Thanks for dropping by and the link, Val. 

  5. Michelle

    Hi Doris – thought I would drop by and say hi. My partner will start tomorrow so that I can make my weekend last longer.

    Good for you, Michelle… keep in touch. Will be doing your feature tomorrow… look out for it! 

  6. Amber

    I’m loving the international flair of your site and general idea behind it. Happy partying!

    Thanks, Amber – good to have you here! 

  7. zoe

    Us international bloggers need to stick together and post some prizes of our own!

    Sounds like a good idea. Welcome to my party! 

  8. Marcia Francois

    Hi there

    Love your site – I’m over from the Ultimate Blog Party.

    I’m from South Africa, by the way!

    Isn’t this a fun way to meet people?!

    Thanks for coming – great to have you all the way from South Africa! 

  9. Tracey

    Hi, just stopping by for the Party! I love your website. This will be only my first visit–I’ll need to come back and explore more, as a WAHM!

    Please stop by and visit me at womanwithmanyhats.com (not my Blogger account). I have fun exploding bubbles and educational videos all week!

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