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H.O.W. feature – Ponn Sabra

Posted on May 17, 2007 by dc

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This is an inspirational story I MUST tell… some of you may have connected with her personally and if you haven’t, here’s your chance. Introducing Ponn Sabra, founder of http://www.empowerwomennow.com, a place where she empowers women entrepreneurs to action through her writing.
By applying her Power Network principles described in her book, at the age of 25, upon completion of her Masters in Public Health Ponn was appointed the youngest public health official in the United States . A high-profile, 24-7 on-call position, she left her post six-months after her first daughter was born.

In July 2004 Ponn experienced a near-death car accident, which forced her in bed-rest. Finally, at the request of one publisher, she chronicled all her tips, tools and resources to write “Empowering Women to Power Network” especially for women entrepreneurs. This is the very first networking book that challenges women to start building a power network from the beginning to the end, and Ponn motivates you every step of the way.

Caused by the accident, Ponn became a symptomatic ACM Type I (Arnold Chiari Malformation, and extremely rare brain disorder) patient. Presently, Ponn must address the partial paralysis of her hands and feet. Although she could not write for nearly a year, Ponn picked up a pen and forced herself to write again. Ponn claims to be more empowered than ever, and is actively back empowering women entrepreneurs through her website, blog, column, books, and growing line of information products.

HOW: What are the perks and challenges of running a home office?


1. My husband and I homeschool our 3 daughters ages 6.5, 5.5, and 3.5.

2. As an international broker, home based entrepreneur, we have the flexibility and luxury to travel with my husband where ever and whenever we want. Unfortunately, not as often as we’d like, and not always together. Our eldest daughter trumps me with over a dozen European countries. Poo-poopie for me, huh? 😉

3. As a best-selling author and book reviewer, I get tons of pre-press books for free with sometimes honorary checks stashed within the pages. As a homeschool mom, we get many educational products, specials, outings, etc.for free.

4. We have the flexibility and luxury to do things when there are no crowds and when things are cheapest. For example, we purposefully go shopping before 3pm Monday-Friday, we stay home on weekends, and we plan many week trips and special outings (such as the amusement parks, zoo, etc). during the week because fares are always cheaper and obviously less crowded. We also hide away and have “real” family time during seasonal school breaks and holidays to get away from crowds too.


1. Never a quiet moment until bedtime.

2. Our girls stopped taking naps at one-year, so hubby and I are the only “babies” needing a cat nap to make it through some of our roughest days. We take turns.

3. We have the craziest schedule, especially after travels. I assure you, we are *not* your typical family.


Since her transition to WordPress on March 15th, 6 weeks later she achieved:

Google PageRank from 0 to 3-5 (various pages). Her homepage has always maintained a PR4.

Alexa ranking from ~5 million to 262K.

Has average 298 unique visitors per day with an average page view per visitor of 5.6, and 8.9 hits per visitor.

RSS and ezine subscribers from 0 to over 325.

And, has readership from 59 countries.

To celebrate her new column for Entrepreneur.com ‘s sister-site WomenEntrepreneur.com called “Powerful Networking” Ponn is running a contest for the month of May with a prize value of $500.95. For details click here:

HOW: What is your advice for anyone who likes to work from home.

My advice is to Power Network and utilize human resources in the following manners:

1. Have a mentor and/or coach. My #1 Productivity Secret.

2. Outsource! Barter. Collaborate. Delegate. Do *not* be the Jane-of-all-traits. Its a waste of time, energy and money.

3. Develop your own system that works best for you. Systemize your time, your office space, your daily routines, etc. You must have an overall “big picture” of your business start-up goals and be accountable to someone, your coach, your friend, your accountant for a positive bottom line–someone.


4. Dream Big! Share your dreams with the world, and be accountable to making them a reality.

5. Have a Success Principle, or follow one that’s proven to work. You can get mine (Chapter 6 of my best-selling book, was the most popular chapter called the Empowerment Equation for Success) in a 7-day ecourse here:

6. Be Your Best Self! And, Dare to Change the World–and share your message via blogging.

HOW: What do you get most out of this business?

I empower women (and men) by empowering myself. I write first and foremost for myself, as it helps empower me to fight my odds. In doing so, I’m able to help others. I know I am blessed with my life, an incredibly supportive, loving, family, honorable friends, and loyal, dedicated colleagues and clients who respect me for who I am. By remaining honest and open, I’m able to touch others’ hearts through my writing. This keeps me humbled by the very name my parents granted me “Ponn = God’s Gift (of Life)”.


  1. Ponn Sabra

    Hi Doris!

    Thanks for a fun and informative interview. I look forward to Power Networking with you in the near future, so we can empower one another and our readers to succeed in our Home Office endeavors 🙂

    To our success & empowerment,

  2. dc

    My Pleasure, Ponn 🙂

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