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The Rich DO Get Richer, Because of This…

Posted on February 23, 2017 by dc

Two nights ago, my son told me he was stressed about his upcoming history test… the first in term 1 of 2017. With loving eyes like any other mom, I smiled at him and said, ” you can do this, son.”

Then these questions popped into my head…

Did you enjoy science class in school? Did you hate science class in school?

Either way, you’ll probably remember Isaac Newton’s theory:

“A body in motion tends to remain in motion, and a body at rest tends to remain at rest, unless acted on by an external force.”

Now, when Newton said “body,” he didn’t necessary mean the human body. It could be any material object, such as a basketball, a lake, or a planet.

The idea is that when an object is in a certain state, it tends to stay in that state.

A basketball remains still, unless someone picks it up and throws it. Once thrown, it only stops traveling because of a backboard and hoop…or a player who catches it…or just gravity slowly bringing it back to earth.

A planet in orbit around the sun tends to continue in orbit around the sun.

It’s a similar thing with wealth. People who are wealthy tend to continue getting wealthy. It’s like that old saying, “The rich get richer.”

And it’s true, because people who are rich have a wealth mindset. So they attract money. They attract opportunities to make easy passive income. And they just keep on attracting these things.

That’s how the rich keep getting richer; it starts with the mindset.

If you don’t think you’re that kind of person yet, don’t be too worried, because you can become a person who is magnetized to wealth. You can begin to discover passive wealth-creating opportunities that bring you startling amounts of money.

It’s like cars. Did you ever notice that when you get a new car, suddenly you start seeing the same kind of car everywhere, where before you never noticed?

That’s what it’s like when you magnetize yourself for wealth: Money-making opportunities seem to “find” you.

At the Platinum Mastermind, you will find out how to reprogram your mind. Get rid of negative ideas about wealth. Start building ever greater prosperity.

Now, you could probably read a book about getting the wealth mindset and that’d be okay.

But at Platinum Mastermind, you’ll live in a wealth mindset for five days and six nights. You actually experience how wealthy people live:

• A luxury suite at a gorgeous 5-star resort (Past Platinum Masterminds were held in Costa Rica, Canary Islands, St. Kitts, and Fiji, among others.)
• Luxurious pools and spas
• Exciting bars, nightlife, and gourmet dining
• Hang out with wealthy people.
• Talk about wealth creation for five straight days.
• Learn from some of the top wealth-building experts on the planet.

(All expenses paid—food, entertainment and lodging—for five days, six nights)

At the Platinum Mastermind, you will feel how it feels. You will know the mindset. It becomes yours.

In the beautiful tropical environment, far from the demands and distractions of home, you can absorb new information with a fully relaxed mind:

• rental property
• the stock market
• tax lien certificates
• precious metals
• and more investment strategies to protect your assets and create passive cash flow

Just being at Platinum and soaking up the environment, networking with your fellow Platinum attendees, mentors and guest speakers, hearing about new ways of thinking and making passive income…it enriches you.

You get a little bit more rich. And, as you know, the rich get richer.

MOBE Top Earner John Chow has said “A lot of people have asked me, ‘Should I make the investment to come to a mastermind, like Platinum?’ My answer is always ‘Do not hesitate.’ I have attended many live events…and I have never lost money with them. So ask yourself not ‘How much does it cost to attend a mastermind. Instead, ask yourself how much money you are losing by not attending. This is why I go to them: If I were not here, I’d be losing money.”

There is so much more to Platinum Mastermind than I can tell you in this email. You can read about all of it and find out how to register by going here.

P.S. There is so much that you get with Platinum Mastermind. I am talking about adventure, fun, and…more than $12,000 worth of FREE services and products, too. Read about it all here.

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