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Work at Home Moms Need Socializing Too Comments Off on Work at Home Moms Need Socializing Too

Posted on September 30, 2011 by dc

Being a busy work at home mom, it can become so easy to fall into the guilt trap where you start to neglect yourself. Many home office moms feel guilty if they take time for themselves and end up taking care of everyone else around them and pushing their own needs aside. This ultimately will leave you feeling burnt out, stressed out, truly unhappy and sometimes regretful. During the journey of womanhood, it is easy to lose ourselves along the way and inadvertently cut off or not seek out the support of other work at home moms.

This has been such a busy month for me as I have had few lunch gathering with few girl friends. It is nice to gather with friends and share parenting stories apart from discussing work issues. We talk about almost anything, from how to cook the best tiramisu to what retail stores do with barcode scanners. We even gathered at a friend’s house to make some traditional favourite dishes.

It is necessary that you give yourself time to unwind, socialize and bond with others, especially other home office moms. This allows you to truly rediscover yourself and be encouraged to do much more for yourself and others. When you socialize with other moms, you can gain support, ideas and tips to help you with deal with certain parenting and relationship concerns from others who feel just like you do or have dealt with the same issues.

Work at Home Moms and eBooks Comments Off on Work at Home Moms and eBooks

Posted on August 06, 2011 by dc

Everyone of us is blessed with a special talent or two. I have talked to many work at home moms and realized that some have lots of hidden talents waiting to be unleashed.

Among my group of work at home moms, there are some who can write very well. I often encourage them to write an ebook and market it online. Many opportunities await these women who have the talent to write and pen their ideas. Being able to offer your own informative, quality ebook will establish you as someone who knows what they are talking about. This will earn you trust and respect and go a long way towards building your online presence. It can be an ebook on bridal shower invitations or an email on parenting… it all depends on your passion and what you have got in mind.

There are many ways to market your ebook. Some of the best ways are listed below:

1) Joint Ventures: Team up with other ebook authors or ezine publishers or webmasters to cross promote each other’s products or services. Agree to send referrals to each other and recommend each other’s products.

2) Use an excerpt from your ebook as an article and submit it to as many directories as possible. Be sure to mention your ebook in your resource box.

3) Submit your ebook to as many ebook directories as you can. The more links to your ebook, the better.

4) Offer two or three free bonuses with your ebook. make and offer that is very hard or impossible to refuse.

5) Offer a free report as a lead-in to your ebook. People love free information and if you offer a quality report that gets them interested they very well may want to buy your ebook.

6) Start an affiliate program and offer people a percentage to sell your ebook. One of the best places to do this is Clickbank. For a small fee you can set up your affiliate program and increase your sales many times over.

People like ‘freebies’ so you may want to offer the first chapter or two as a freebie. Be sure and leave them wanting more.

As with any marketing campaign, you have to stick with it. What’s nice is that you can do work at home and do your writing at your own pace. You should be consistent and not submit to a couple of directories and post to a couple message boards and then sit back and wait to get rich. Marketing is a daily commitment.

The possibilities are endless as to ways to market your ebook. Be sure and combine many of the strategies for one successful marketing campaign. Be creative and come up with new innovative marketing ideas. Find out what works and get started marketing that new ebook!

Work From Home and Online Businesses 0

Posted on June 22, 2011 by dc

This has been a very busy month for me as our first visitors came and since we work from home, we are obligated to do everything with them and take them to places. I suppose that flexibility also means we need to plan our time wisely so that we don’t lose sight of our work too.

Many of my friends whom I just met found it hard to understand our home business and it’s really hard to explain what we do to people who aren’t familiar with the online world. Most people only use the internet for emails and information but not many knows how people make money online by working at home. There are many kinds of online businesses and you can be selling apparel to li ion batteries or simply having a review site that earns money from advertising.

Let’s face it… like any other traditional business, there is no guarantee of success in online business. A key factor causing online business failure is being impatient for success. This usually means that the business owner does not know how success is achieved within the business they are in. Due to impatience, research is not conducted and time and money is spent on fruitless activities.

In each business, there is a process involved in making money. In simplest terms, you need a continuing supply of prospects, a product or service they are prepared to buy at a price they are willing to pay, a way of providing this product or service in a timely and satisfying manner to the client, and to be able to run your business process at a profit.

Make sure you know your business and how money is made. Then concentrate on the activities that will give you the greatest success.

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