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The Break That All Work At Home Moms Deserve 0

Posted on September 19, 2009 by dc

Without me saying, I believe all work at home moms do feel that they are busy everyday and it seems that the list of to-do’s is endless. Being a busy work at home mom myself, I sometimes fall into the mommy guilt trap where I start to neglect my own interests.

Many moms feel guilty if they take time for themselves and end up taking care of everyone else around them and putting their own needs aside. This can leave you feeling burn out, stressed, tired, unhappy and sometimes resentful. During the journey of motherhood, it is easy to lose ourselves along the way and inadvertently cut off or not seek out the support from others.

Therefore, I always encourage all stay at home and work at home moms to give yourself time to unwind, socialize and network with others, especially other work at home moms. And with today’s technology advancement, you can network online via email or other social networking platforms. This allows you to open up to others while rediscovering yourself. When you socialize with other moms, you can gain support, ideas and tips to assist you with deal with certain parenting and relationship concerns from others who have dealt with the same issues.

Even when you are busy, you can always connect with other stay at home or work at home moms during your kids’ activities. Start getting to know other moms at your kid’s soccer practice or after her ballet class. Start looking out for other networking opportunities and you may even set aside time every fortnight to have tea with a friend.

Being a Creative Work at Home Mom 0

Posted on July 27, 2009 by dc

Most work at home moms start home based businesses because they want to be home with their little ones. Though I started working from home before my son was born, I know of many women who left their corporate jobs so that they can spend more time with their children.

For many who are starting out with a home office, we tend to put in lots of time and efforts in our home business. Yes, you are getting orders, and making some money, but the flip side is that you end up not spending enough time with your little ones. How do you then balance your time? Do you still put your children first? Or do you go for the “Wait a minute” line and hope they will accept your reasons.

It isn’t easy to balance, is it? I know of a good friend who runs a successful online maternity clothing business from home and yet her success is robbing her time away from her precious kids. As such, she needs to look into employing a couple of staff to run her marketing and customer service department so that she can still be an effective work at home mom. In other words, you may need to get help when your business is weighing you down with too much workload and responsibilities.

I once heard of a story of a work at home mom who actually came up with the idea of building her child an ‘office’ right next to her out of used boxes. With that in place, she was able to continue her work uninterrupted and her child loved watching and copying her. When she picked up the phone to talk to a customer, her child would pick up her imaginary phone. One day, the little girl is a orange nj dentist and another day, she’s an online retailer selling baby toys. In the play process, she had taught her child some simple business duties as well as learning to be creative.

Could YOU be using your home business to teach your kids some business basics while having fun? Sometimes we are the ones who need to learn creative parenting techniques while working from home. Just take some time and think how your situation can be used to plant some business lessons in your child.

work at home mom learns and plays with her children 0

Posted on July 13, 2008 by dc

Recently, a few of my girlfriends have resigned from their full time jobs so that they can spend more quality time with their growing children. This is a sacrifice that is not easy to make but more mothers are choosing to be SAHMs and WAHMs for good reasons.

Work at home moms and stay at home moms enjoy spending time guiding, teaching and developing their young children including teaching them to read, write and play. Homeschooling is also the next best thing for some parents are constantly relocating or wanting to inculcate certain values on their kids. I’ve enjoying reading and learning phonics with my 4 yo eversince he started to show interest in book reading. Being a work at home mom allows me the flexibility to learn with him and do things together. My futures broker friend introduced ClickN’ Read Phonics to her kids recently and witnessed great results from her little ones. As parents, we should add fun into learning as children learn better and faster through play. Discover ClickN’ READ Phonics. Learning to read has never been this fun and easy! Click here to learn MORE!

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