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Posted on March 23, 2015 by dc

It’s been a very long time since I last updated this blog and many things and events had taken place in my home office. As much as I have been silent, I’m still supportive towards all home office women and my other half has been doing lots of research in how one can be successful from home.

Being a keen supporter in online business, DH still believes that working from home is still the cheapest and best option for many mothers and dads, especially with many are being ‘laid off’ from their full time jobs. I will be highlighting an online business that has won many good feedback for work at home moms and dads. I am glad that DH is a believer when it comes to earn money from home programs, not some dodgy ones, but one that has good platform and most importantly, profitable.

Till then, more posting to come…

Work From Home and Online Businesses 0

Posted on June 22, 2011 by dc

This has been a very busy month for me as our first visitors came and since we work from home, we are obligated to do everything with them and take them to places. I suppose that flexibility also means we need to plan our time wisely so that we don’t lose sight of our work too.

Many of my friends whom I just met found it hard to understand our home business and it’s really hard to explain what we do to people who aren’t familiar with the online world. Most people only use the internet for emails and information but not many knows how people make money online by working at home. There are many kinds of online businesses and you can be selling apparel to li ion batteries or simply having a review site that earns money from advertising.

Let’s face it… like any other traditional business, there is no guarantee of success in online business. A key factor causing online business failure is being impatient for success. This usually means that the business owner does not know how success is achieved within the business they are in. Due to impatience, research is not conducted and time and money is spent on fruitless activities.

In each business, there is a process involved in making money. In simplest terms, you need a continuing supply of prospects, a product or service they are prepared to buy at a price they are willing to pay, a way of providing this product or service in a timely and satisfying manner to the client, and to be able to run your business process at a profit.

Make sure you know your business and how money is made. Then concentrate on the activities that will give you the greatest success.

Internet Business and Working From Home 0

Posted on February 26, 2011 by dc

Many people are starting to trust online transactions and this can only continue. This opens up more opportunities for people to work from home or to have a home business.

As a matter of fact, buying products online is a much safer activity than handing over your credit card in your favorite restaurant. So you trust that guy behind the counter do you? This increase in online transactions is good news for you if you’re looking to start an online business.

In 2005, for the first time, the Internet advertising spend overtook traditional media advertising. This is a hugely significant fact. Comparatively, companies spent more advertising online than they did placing adverts in print media, television and radio. This means that companies are beginning to see the power of the Internet and what it can do for their business.

Furthermore, a fantastic benefit to doing business online is the fact that in most cases, selling instantly deliverable products on the Internet such as ebooks and software provides a passive income for years to come. You set the business up once and it pays you over and over again. Does that beat working the 9-5 for forty years? ummmm … you bet it does. You probably saw this in the internet. These days, you can find all kinds of info online, from nitrix review to getting info on buying a camera!

Of course you do need to maintain your home business, or businesses but compared to an offline business this pales into insignificance. You can easily maintain ten, twenty or even fifty online businesses every day. I should know, I have done so.

Something else to think about is that many investment companies are now looking online and they are buying web properties in ever increasing numbers. For them it’s a no brainer. If you can demonstrate that you are putting a certain amount of money in and realizing a certain return then you have a quantifiable business. Businesses which can prove they are in profit are selling for big money online at the moment.

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