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Posted on August 26, 2016 by dc

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It’s been a while since I last update this blog. Lots have happened in the last many months but one thing hasn’t changed, I’m still working from home and it’s such a blessing.

For years, I have believed in natural health and as much as I love and respect my doctor, I always believe that we should all take responsibility for our own health. Eat right, live right and making healthy choices is the few ingredients to optimal health.

For those who have the pleasure of working from home like myself, there’s no excuse to not eat and live right because you have the freedom of time. Being a home office mom means I can take time to cook the right food for my family and find good recipes that bring the best out of the natural foods we get from the shops.

I do agree that some just can’t find time to eat the right foods that deliver the right amount of nutrients to our body. If that’s you, you would need to supplement your body with wholesome nutrients found in good sources. I have found mine. Click HERE to learn more.

Work At Home Moms Should Exercise Too 0

Posted on August 06, 2009 by dc

We are now in the month of August. In a twinkle of an eye, we’ll be into the new year and that’s how time can pass us by. For me as a work at home mom, my time everyday passes very fast the minute I got out of bed til I lay my head on the pillow. It can be such a routine at times but I do my best to make each day count.

From the start of the year, I had purposed to work towards a healthier body and the efforts to achieve this goal includes signing up for pilates classes and swimming. I am glad that I’m still practicing Pilates twice a week after eight months and I’m enjoying it. My core muscles are much stronger and my breathing has improved greatly. I hope that all women working from home will set aside some time for herself to exercise and be involved in some physical activity. It can be learning a new dance, playing a new sport, cycling, walking… whatever. It is important to look after your health and your body and getting active also mean that you won’t need to worry about diet pills as you grow older 🙂 Those of us work at home moms with an online business can be too ‘computer bound’ that we end up living a sedentary lifestyle.

So whatever kind of work you do from home, make sure you slot in some time to exercise at least twice a week. Work is important but your health is even more valuable.

Stay Healthy While You Earn Money From Home 0

Posted on May 23, 2009 by dc

When you earn money from home via an online business, you tend to depend alot on good internet connectivity. And if the internet line fails or if the provider is not efficient, it can affect your home business. True?

For the last couple of months, the internet connection in our home office has been bad – real bad. I mean I’m talking about an uploading speed of less than 300 kps… amazing slow and frustrating. Due to that, our productivity levels are down, our work is affected and we can’t launch certain online projects that we plan to do. I have planned to start a couple more affiliate stores this month and the poor internet connectivity has made it very hard for me to do so.

Finally we decided to try out a mobile network using 3G broadband and hopefully things will get better. On the personal front, I started a new Pilates workout last week and had been busy with parental duties. Being a stay at home and work at home mom means there’s very little time to carry out some personal goals so I need to plan my time very wisely. I know people have been talking about the best fat burner but for me, nothing beats a good workout and a healthy diet. For those who sit at home all day in their home office, you need to find time to exercise and stay fit for yourself and your children. Working at home can sometimes mean a sedentary lifestyle for some.

While you may be working hard to earn money at home, make sure you don’t neglect your health and do try to take time to include some health and fitness activities in the week such as walking, cycling, cardio workouts, pilates or even yoga.

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