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Earning Money From Home via the Internet Lies 0

Posted on July 16, 2009 by dc

So you told a friend that you want to be a stay at home who starts earning money from home and she thinks you are crazy. She started rambling about the challenges, hardships and impossibilities. While some of her concerns were valid, they could also become limiting beliefs. The thing is, there are a few myths and lies that surround many people’s minds whenever the subject on earning money from home via the internet is concerned. Here are a few to take note:

1. Starting And Running An Online Business From Home Is Costly

While this can be true, it is not necessary so. Do you know that you can start your business with zero cost? You can actually earn money from home by being an affiliate to merchants and online stores. As an affiliate marketer, you focus on marketing the products online either via your niche blog/site or affiliate store. You don’t need to worry about the follow up, shipping, answering questions from customers as they are taken care of by the merchants.

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People who are living in non-U.S. countries tend to think it’s expensive due to the weaker local currency. Otherwise, it’s a matter of perception. Do you know that it is more costly to set up a retail store, buy a franchise, open a restaurant or launch any offline business? I can speak that from my personal experience. For instance, it only takes me less than $10 for a domain and hosting, less than $30 to start an affiliate store and absolutely no cost to start promoting your online business on the internet.

Did I mention that working from home means you can save from commercial office rental costs?

2. Making Money From The Internet is Easy

Most people believe you can make money overnight and by not doing anything at all. Don’t fool yourself. If it is what you have in mind right now, stop now. You have probably heard of stories of how people make 5 to 6 figure incomes in the shortest time but do you know most of them have failed so miserably several times before they can really make money? They have learned from their mistakes and move forward. Some internet gurus have claimed overnight successes during a day or a week selling information or products online but what they didn’t tell you is that it normally takes months if not years to realize this goal. When they reach that level of success, then they will talking about earning money during their Vegas vacations and enjoying financial flexibility.

3. You Must Know Programming And Graphic Design In Order To Start Your Online Home Business

Don’t be too surprised but most of the internet gurus out there have no clue on how to create a web page or do any programming. They outsource. You can be earning money from home when you know how to reach your target audience. You can outsource for professional help and get your website done and your online business rolling. Focus on what you are good at bringing your online home business to success. Don’t bother about spending a month learning programming or designing your own website.

There are many professional web designers you can find online where you can hire them to design your web pages to the style you want.

So those are just a few things to take note when you make up your mind to start earning money from home. Do your research, have a positive mindset and be ready to make mistakes.

Include Blog Into Your Affiliate Store Sites 0

Posted on June 02, 2009 by dc

Last weekend, I took a short break with my family from the home office and had a great time in Genting Highlands. Being women who work from home, a short break is wonderful to rejuvenate the body and mind and most of all, it’s nice to spend some quality time with my loved ones.

It’s school holidays for the next two weeks so it would be a little challenging to earn money from home while keeping my 5 yo occupied. I have drafted out a schedule for all my niche blogs/sites/affiliate stores so that I would not leave any site out every week. Regular blog posting is necessary for search engine spiders and increasing traffic to the sites.

More and more women who work from home are building affiliate stores on niche topics and this goes to show that online business is growing each day. I hope that you also include a blog for your affiliate store as search engines love fresh content. Many internet marketers have also converted their one page sites to blogs as it has been proven that blogs ranked better when they are well optimized. Whether your niche site is on appetite suppresants or football jerseys, eco natural products or natural makeup, including a blog for the affiliate store is a great way to keep your site fresh.

So it looks like my home office will have a regular visitor the next two weeks and there’ll be some interruptions in between the day. This is sometimes women who work from home find it hard to avoid but I truly believe that the gift of multi tasking is bestowed on us for a good reason. Have a good week.

Wanna Be A Women Who Work From Home? Now What? 0

Posted on May 27, 2009 by dc

I often have friends asking me how one can earn money from home via the internet. Infact, they still find it hard to believe that there are many women who work from home and making enough money to replace their full time jobs.

Research has shown that consumers want to spend more online and that the internet is fast becoming an integral part of their lifestyle and it’ll continue to be so. Having said that, online consumers are cautious with their money and they want to buy from sites that are credible and before they part with their money.

If you are planning to building an online business via affiliate stores, you need to first focus on a niche market. Don’t be everything to everybody. Instead of trying to dominate a huge and general market, you should focus on a niche or specific topic or product range. You can get niche ideas online or offline. Search the internet such as google news or yahoo, visit your local bookstore and head to the magazines section and you can find many niche ideas.

Focus your online business on a sizeable market or a defined group of potential customers for your specific niche. Address the need for a product or service that’s not being addressed by the big boys. It is less competitive to target the areas or topics that large businesses won’t want to be in it. The key here is to find a niche market, assess the needs of the market and then offer them your products and/or services that meet their needs. There are millions of niches out there, from something as specific as Blue Cross NC healthcare to kids’ wooden toys. It’s really up to you. There is a market for almost everything – you just need to take time to find and identify it.

After finding your niche, you can look into creating an affiliate store using an online store creation application such as datafeedr. I have been using it for more than six months and I’ve been impressed with the system’s usability, support, performance and results. Some online marketers have seen good sales profits with a short time using affiliate stores while others may take a little longer. There is no magic formula to it – it’s down to using the right SEO strategies, choosing the right niche with buying market, time, determination, patience and efforts.

You can be one of the women who work from home and profiting from an online business. Learn from those who have had successful in internet marketing, model them and track their benchmark success stories., It’s always wise to learn from the mistakes of other people than learning from your own mistakes. This can cost you less and shorten your route to online business success.

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