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Getting Back to the Routine Comments Off on Getting Back to the Routine

Posted on February 01, 2012 by dc

After taking a long break and going through some hectic weeks of unpacking, packing and moving, we are finally settled in our new house. At least, the home office is set up and the internet connection up and running… that’s a good start in this new place.

School has begun for my grade 2 and it’s quite a relief for me. Though I have to wake up early to prepare morning tea, I like the fact that he’s getting into his routine again. This year, we are thinking on sending him to music classes. We have yet to finalize anything but it would be good if he picks up an instrument. I personally think the electric cello is nice but it’s all up to him. Violin or keyboard is nice too but we want to make sure that he’s passionate in the instrument and subject. Hopefully he finds pleasure in learning the instrument for a few years and that can contribute a large part in stimulating his creative cells!

It’s now getting in the routine for us who works at home… I’m sure glad we had moved!

Work at Home and Family Time Comments Off on Work at Home and Family Time

Posted on October 21, 2011 by dc

Many households have both parents working in our modern day. It is common for kids to come home from school to a empty house. It is no wonder why many women like to consider working from home.

The weekends is here and I’m thinking of taking my son to shop for backpacks for kids since he needs a new bag for school. Then we are thinking of watching a movie together and that’s something he looks forward to. With Christmas only slightly more than two months away, it’s time to shop for gifts for friends and family.

These days even if everyone is home, you can still be feel apart or separated from each other. There are so many electronic gadgets to keep everyone busy by themselves. Let’s see what we have. Cell phones, gaming computers, laptops, ipods, mp3 players, video games, 200 plus channels on T.V., etc., etc. I feel bad when I occupy my son with stuff like that too. All the things on the web that will keep you busy like blogging, chat rooms, my space, and so on. There are so many things one can do to entertain themselves without the family. Most of these things can be addictive. People can become strangers in their own family. Therefore, it is our responsibility as parents to organize activities that keep the family together.

Since it only takes one family member to get the ball rolling, you might as well do your part. If your family is not as close as it should be, you could be the one to change it.

Work and Stay At Home Dad 0

Posted on May 21, 2011 by dc

There is no doubt that children need their parents, which is why many families are selecting either the man or woman to work and stay at home while the other works in the marketplace. The process by which the selection is made is based entirely upon each family’s decision, but all experts believe that children need parental guidance in order to happily mature. It isnít enough to simply hire a babysitter or leave the children at preschool.

A stay at home dad will get to spend the most time with the children and will be responsible for many of their daily activities. Making sure that they have well-balanced meals, are dressed properly when going to the store or play with toys that convey a positive message are just a few of the responsibilities of a stay at home dad. Fixing the furnitures, the broken oven or cleaning Wire display racks are more tasks a stay at home dad may even undertake.

Being a stay at home dad is one of the best jobs in the world and will likely is the most rewarding career that any man can perfect. A closeness with the children and watching them grow up as loving adults will be a reflection of how they were cared for in their earliest years.

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