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Back in the Home Office Again Comments Off on Back in the Home Office Again

Posted on January 24, 2012 by dc

After a long holiday break, I’m finally back in my home office and the day to day routine.

We had a good break in Asia and it was just nice relaxing, chilling out, meeting up with family and friends. We did a beach holiday with some friends and it was great exploring places and having fun under the sun. I was just glad we joined roadside assistance club before our trip as our rental vehicle broke down at some point.

Now that our holidays had ended, it’s time to sit down and get back to real work. It’s quite hard getting back to the routine, waking up early, preparing lunch boxes and stuff, but I’m just glad that I can have some personal time and space after eight weeks of babysitting!

I Love The Christmas Spirit Comments Off on I Love The Christmas Spirit

Posted on November 14, 2011 by dc

The home office has been a little quiet since DH left for Asia. I have been busy and that’s because I’m doing all the school and activity runs throughout the week. I didn’t it’s so tiring doing it myself… I can’t wait for him to resume some chauffeur duties!

Christmas is around the corner and I would need to do up my Christmas gift list soon. There’s alot to do since we are moving in January and the more immediate thing is to pack. Perhaps I should list down some gifts for the family members first then comes friends and all. I was thinking about getting a pair of ray-ban sunglasses for DH as he tends to drive without one. The summer’s heat will get more intense down under so I do want him to protect his eyes and be sun smart.

At least I had thought of his gift so that’s one down. Next will be my son and then moving on to my close family members. I love the Christmas spirit… don’t you?

Break from Home Office Comments Off on Break from Home Office

Posted on November 07, 2011 by dc

Hubby is leaving for a long trip and in the next few weeks, I’ll be organizing some things in the house before my turn comes. It’s that time of the year where we take breaks from our home office and replan for the new year.

When we think about giving from our wealth, most of us think of giving financially. However, there are other ways of giving from our wealth. Some of those ways are right in front of us every day. Next week, I would need to clean up the underground shelter and do some serious cleaning up. When it comes to giving, here are a couple of considerations.

1. Clothing. Clean out your closets and drawers of all clothing that is either too small or too large to fit you. Also, get out any clothing that you have not worn for a long time. Donate those clothes to a charity or church that will reuse the clothes or sell them to raise funds.

2. Books/Toys. Don’t stop with cleaning out your unused clothing. Go through all of your books and any toys that might be in your home as well. If they don’t get used, put them to good use by donating them.

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