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New Skills for Work at Home Moms Comments Off on New Skills for Work at Home Moms

Posted on October 08, 2011 by dc

It has to be hard for many work at home moms to lay aside their heavy workload when the weekends is here. This is hard because the home office is just a few steps in and out the house and it’s tempting to stay away from it!

This has been a terribly busy week for me. I was busy in a good way. It wasn’t so much of work in the home office but I was acquiring some new cooking skills with a couple of wonderful ladies. These ladies used to hold jobs in the past but due to parenting, they have decided to become home ministers 🙂 One of them used to be hold one of those Network Installer Jobs where stress levels can be intense when datelines is near. She finds it more fulfilling being a full time mom now.

I like the fact that I can work from home and still learn domestic stuff as I do enjoy baking and cooking more as the day goes by. The truth is, baking can be a work at home job too for some talented moms, though I don’t think I would be opting this path 🙂

Work at Home Moms Need Socializing Too Comments Off on Work at Home Moms Need Socializing Too

Posted on September 30, 2011 by dc

Being a busy work at home mom, it can become so easy to fall into the guilt trap where you start to neglect yourself. Many home office moms feel guilty if they take time for themselves and end up taking care of everyone else around them and pushing their own needs aside. This ultimately will leave you feeling burnt out, stressed out, truly unhappy and sometimes regretful. During the journey of womanhood, it is easy to lose ourselves along the way and inadvertently cut off or not seek out the support of other work at home moms.

This has been such a busy month for me as I have had few lunch gathering with few girl friends. It is nice to gather with friends and share parenting stories apart from discussing work issues. We talk about almost anything, from how to cook the best tiramisu to what retail stores do with barcode scanners. We even gathered at a friend’s house to make some traditional favourite dishes.

It is necessary that you give yourself time to unwind, socialize and bond with others, especially other home office moms. This allows you to truly rediscover yourself and be encouraged to do much more for yourself and others. When you socialize with other moms, you can gain support, ideas and tips to help you with deal with certain parenting and relationship concerns from others who feel just like you do or have dealt with the same issues.

Weekends is Here for the Work at Home Mom Comments Off on Weekends is Here for the Work at Home Mom

Posted on August 19, 2011 by dc

It’s Friday night and aren’t you work at home moms glad that the weekends is here!

I recalled packing up the picnic basket and our beach gear few months ago when it was summer but we are now at the end of winter and the weather is still a tad too cold for a beach outing. I miss my sleeveless tops and our body boards… can’t wait for the warmer weathers and waters to come again! My son has been asking for a wii and he had so much fun playing xbox games in a friend’s house that he didn’t even want to say good bye! I thought he would be too young to own a wii game but it might be a good idea for some family fun. I suppose we would buy one when the time comes but for now, I still enjoy building blocks and connecting lego during our family play time.

I can’t wait to head to the Sunday markets and we are heading to a school musical tomorrow afternoon. That’s a good break for the work at home mom before the new week begins in no time!

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