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Working from Home while Creating Closeness Comments Off on Working from Home while Creating Closeness

Posted on November 07, 2011 by dc

Working from home is a blessing and as parents, it is our responsibility to create a happy and safe environment for our children. There are many ways to gain closeness within your family. These simple steps are designed to give you a head start and help you create the family life you have always wanted.

Give your children the opportunity to speak openly and freely about their concerns and troubles. This is a sure-fire way to increase your family’s closeness. Maintain honesty and you will find that problems get solved quickly and easily. Instilling open communication in your children will also help them in all aspects of their lives later on. “Listen” with an open heart and a willing spirit. Don’t judge the thoughts and feelings of other family members. Instead, try to understand where they are coming from and figure out solutions to ease their problems.

Spend quality time together each week. Many parents have full-time jobs and it’s difficult to fit in time for relaxation and leisure, however, it’s very important you make time for your family. It can be as simple as doing a family project together. Doing fun things together brings family closer. Perhaps go shop for barnwood furniture together or organize a family BBQ with friends. Discuss what things the family would like to do together. Try to pick activities that encourage talking and interaction like bowling for example will enhance relations better than silently watching a movie in a theater. Try to keep the activity lighthearted and fun. Laughter bonds better than anything and its affects will ripple throughout your life.

New Skills for Work at Home Moms Comments Off on New Skills for Work at Home Moms

Posted on October 08, 2011 by dc

It has to be hard for many work at home moms to lay aside their heavy workload when the weekends is here. This is hard because the home office is just a few steps in and out the house and it’s tempting to stay away from it!

This has been a terribly busy week for me. I was busy in a good way. It wasn’t so much of work in the home office but I was acquiring some new cooking skills with a couple of wonderful ladies. These ladies used to hold jobs in the past but due to parenting, they have decided to become home ministers 🙂 One of them used to be hold one of those Network Installer Jobs where stress levels can be intense when datelines is near. She finds it more fulfilling being a full time mom now.

I like the fact that I can work from home and still learn domestic stuff as I do enjoy baking and cooking more as the day goes by. The truth is, baking can be a work at home job too for some talented moms, though I don’t think I would be opting this path 🙂

What Work at Home Moms Do on a Friday Comments Off on What Work at Home Moms Do on a Friday

Posted on September 09, 2011 by dc

How many of you work at home moms like to work on a Friday? I don’t! I like to bake a cake or try out a new recipe on a Friday. Sometimes I am compelled to do a big clean up to my little haven!

Whatever it is, I like to follow my heart and passion on a Friday and today, I just baked a cheesecake and after this post, I’ll be off to bake some cookies. Then, my new plants need repotting in the garden. This is what I like to do on a Friday and I wonder what do other work at home moms do when the weekends draw nigh. My hubby said that he would fix up the metal hose and help me in the garden later. I need more bricks and a fence for the cucumber plant. With spring knocking on our doors, it’s time to get some work done in the garden and there is so much I like to do this season.

So you can see that I’m in no mood to work from my home office as I would prefer to be in the kitchen baking some cookies for the gathering tonight. Enjoy your weekend and all work at home moms deserve that break!

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