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A Home Office for the New House Comments Off on A Home Office for the New House

Posted on October 26, 2011 by dc

It took me a few days before I accepted the news that we have to move in two months’ time. It wasn’t an easy decision as I was already settling in and in fact, I was all ready to take a break from my home office and head back to Asia for a long vacation.

Moving house is alot of work for me and I can imagine the amount of time on packing and unpacking. We had just booked ourselves to a Thailand getaway and a shopping trip to Hong Kong. So that would be something I can look forward to. I can’t wait for those private cooking and baking classes I had booked myself in. This is what I like to do when I’m on a break. Back to looking for a house, we need one with a home office or a study for the least. Working at home has worked very well for us both and DH enjoyed learning all the online marketing stuff in his own space. I, on the other hand, like working at home and shopping online 🙂 The other day, I was even planning to buy an Electric Airsoft Guns for DH… I thought it would be a great gift idea!

This week will be house hunting and house inspections and I seriously can’t wait to find the ‘right’ house for us.

Working at Home and Shopping Online 0

Posted on October 28, 2010 by dc

Since I started working at home in 2003, I have been a regular in the online stores cos it’s so convenient! One of the benefits of doing our shopping online is the ability to find various ratings or evaluations of the products you are thinking about purchasing.

Frequently web sites will offer various customer rankings and even customer reviews of the products, as well as web sites that offer more objective evaluations of items. Researching what you are buying can help guide your final choice, and in the end can lead to increased satisfaction with your ultimate decision. With the growing webstores, you can buy from home office furniture, children’s clothing to diet pills online.

One thing you need to consider when shopping online is the cost of having your purchase delivered. Frequently, you will be offered various speeds of delivery, with the longer you are able to wait to receive an item, the less expensive the delivery charge. Even for instant shipping, such as overnight or two-day delivery, often the discounted price is more than enough to offset the shipping. This is something you will need to think about when you make your cost comparisons. If the item will be taxed, that is, the distributor has a store in your state and is required to charge state sales tax; this should also be factored into the cost of the item.

Working In the Home Office 0

Posted on September 23, 2010 by dc

Some think that there is no stress working in the home office but those who have working from home know that this is not true at all. We moms are especially stressed out when our children are not eating well or listening well to our instructions. And that spells stress!

I’ll be very busy with packing starting from today onwards. In fact, I’ve already started to do some but I know I need to speed up. First of all, I need to throw out the clutter and there’s lots to throw in this home office. After working at home for seven years, we’ve accumulated alot of things and it’s time to put them away. I can’t wait to get rid of my old table and chair which have been giving me some back problems. I’m already decided on an adjustable and chair for the new home office.

Hubby is outstationed and I’ll be busier. When he’s around, there’s someone to keep an eye on my boy when he’s alone upstairs but with hubby’s absence, I would be more tied down. My son’s birthday is coming up and I haven’t even sent out the invitations! With the amount of stress levels surmounting, I might need to find acne products that work! They say that pimples can be caused by stress!

It’s friday tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to the weekends. Then again, weekends is a busy time as I need to play chauffeur to the boy for his music, gym and chess classes. It will be some time before I can take a break again – sigh!

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